Science View, the Hellenic Association of Science Journalists, Communicators and Writers is based in Athens, Greece and is a member of the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations, EUSJA.

Science View aims to sustain science journalism in Greece and promotes science communication activities. These activities include video productions and scientific documentaries, science journalism and communication training workshops, online seminars via SV’s training web platform and e-learning courses.

Furthermore, Science View organises conferences and events, and creates printed and electronic publications, newsletters, online magazines, websites, information portals and brochures.



We organize events for distribution and communication of science in public (conferences, Info days, science cafes, scientific workshops) and their video coverage released on media or uploaded on website.

Video productions – Scientific documentaries

Science View produces videos and documentaries (including interactive documentaries) of research and scientific projects for dissemination and awareness purposes.


We organize training courses about new techniques on science communication.
Our team specializes on designing and developing e-learning courses for Organizations, Companies, Universities, Schools and public and private bodies.
We design and maintain online seminars, synchronous or asynchronous, via thw training web platform of Science View.

Printed and electronic publications

  • Books concerning science popularization
  • Newsletters
  • Online magazines
  • Websites
  • Information portals
  • Brochures